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 Wednesday 9 Hole  League Rules
Best Ball
Each team member plays their own ball throughout the round. After each hole, the lower net score of the two teammates is the score that is recorded for that hole. The team with the lowest net best ball team score at the end of 9 holes wins.
We will have weekly and yearly prizes. Weekly Payout will be base on the amount of players each week.
Players also receives “Valley Cup” points based on their weekly score. These point will determine playoff teams and seeding. 
Prizes will be distributed the following week after play
There will be an optional skins game as well. Skins will be individual not team. To enter the skins will be $10 per player each week
Each player is allowed 2 sanctioned substitute (4 per team) who are not required to pay a registration fee. Substitutes must on Monday the week of league. When you submit a substitute please send their Full Name, Email Address, and Official USGA Handicap Index. If they do not have an active Handicap that is accessible to the public/other teams that substitute will play as a scratch golfer. We will not accept handicaps from other leagues or other non-verifiable sources.
  • The USGA Rules Govern All Play with the Following Local Rules:
  • Play all hazard stakes as if they were Red, meaning play it as a LATERAL HAZARD.
  • Must Play the Ball Down / As it Lies(unless playing conditions dictate a change)
  • Ball MUST go in the hole for the score to count
  • Max Score on a Hole = Double par
  • All Out of Bounds will be played as a lateral hazard. 
  • If the course is marked OB you CAN NOT play the ball as it lies, you must take the drop. (Do not hit the shot from someone’s back yard, please!)
  • Water Hazards- All water hazards are lateral (Red Stake)
  • If there is a rules question play 2 balls in and we will figure out which 1 counts at the end of the round.
  • White Tees = Ages 18 – 59
  • Gold Tees = Younger than 18, 60 or older (HCP adjusted accordingly)
  • Red Tees = Ladies
  • Players ages 60 and older can elect to play the white tees and we will adjust the hcp accordingly
  • Players with a 9 hole hcp of 2 or lower can elect  to play the blue tee and we will adjust the hcp accordingly
  • USGA Handicap will be used the 1st 2 weeks of play.
  • After the first 2 weeks of play only “League Play” handicaps will be used to score each competitor.
Pace of Play
  • All 9 hole rounds are required to be completed with score cards turned in NO more than 2 hours and 20 minutes after your scheduled tee-time.
  • Failure to keep pace will result in a warning (1st offence), Players put on the clock (2nd offence), and Players required to skip a hole or holes (3rd offence). If a hole is skipped a player will record Par+5 strokes.
Course Care
  • We ask that you fix your ball mark and any others in your line of putt.
  • When taking a divot, please replace your divot.  Use the sand only if your divot has shredded.
  • Rake any bunker that you walk into whether you play out of it or not.
Registration fees = $50 team registration (must be paid before first week of play)
  • Goes to year end prizes
  • Administration fee
Weekly fees = $29 per player
  • Of this fee, $5 is set aside to fund weekly and year end prizes.
  • The weekly fee is the same whether you walk or ride.
  • Play will be every Wednesday beginning April 20th
  • It will be a 5:00 shotgun. BE ON TIME!
  • August 10th will be the last official week of play
  • August 17th will be used as a rain date if necessary
  • Playoffs will begin August 24th!
With any questions email director of golf
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